Talk Like a Pirate!


Ahoy, mateys. Feast yer eyes on this here docvument and learn to speak like the true pirate ye be. Do it smartly and don't be lubbery!

Aft: Towards the rear of the ship.

Ahoy: Hello!

Arrgh: Surprise, frustration, anytime you can't find the words.

Avast: Stop!

Aye: Yes, as in "Aye, aye, sir".

Be: Are, as in "Be ye ready to hand over the gold?"

Belay: 1) Secure, as in "Belay that Line", 2) Stop, as in "Belay that order!"

Bilge Rat: A mischieveous or unscrupulous person.

Blagard: From blackguard - a scoundrel.

Booty: Pirate treasure.

Bucko: Friend, as in "Me bucko".

Cap'n: Captain.

Davy Jones' Locker: To go to the bottom of the sea, to die.

Dog: A sailor, sometimes a friendly insult, sometimes not.

Fair winds: Good luck.

Fore: Towards the front of the ship.

Go on the account: Become a pirate.

Grub: Food.

Gun: Cannon.

Hands: Crew of a ship, as in "All hands on deck!"

Head: Toilet.

Heave to: Come to a stop.

Ho: Exclamation as a way of pointing something out as in "Land Ho" or "Sail Ho".

Jack Tar or Tar: A common sailor.

Lad: A young male.

Land Lubber: Not a sailor, someone unfamiliar with sailing.

Lass or Lassie: A young female.

Mate or Matey: Member of your crew, friendly, as in "Me mate".

Me: My.

Me hearties: My crew, how the captain might address his crew (when he's pleased with them).

No quarter given: No surrender will be accepted, no prisoners will be taken.

Pillage: To ransack a city, town or village and steal its valuables and provisions.

Poop deck: The highest part of the deck, also called the quarterdeck.

Port: 1) A harbor 2) The left side of a ship.

Pox: A disease, word used as an insult, as in "A pox on thee!"

Prow: The very front of the ship.

Salt: An experienced sailor, as in "An old salt".

Scallywag: A troublemaker or mischieveous person.

Scurvy Dog: Derogatory term for a sailor.

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion: Sometime well done and in order.

Shiver Me Timbers: Surprise.

Sink Me: Surprise or shock

Smartly: Do it quickly and well, as in "Raise the sails and smartly".

Starboard: Right side of a ship.

Swab: 1) To clean the decks, 2) Derogatory term for a sailor.

Thar: There.

Tis: It is.

Twas: It was.

Weigh Anchor: To pull up the anchor and leave port.

Wench: Peasant or servant girl as in a tavern.

Ye: You.

Yer: Your.

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