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9 AM EDT, January 6,


Providence Maritime Collaborative awarded Providence After School Alliance Innovator’s Grant

Providence , RI – January 6, : The Providence Maritime Heritage Foundation, in partnership with the Rhode Island Historical Society and Community Boating Center, is proud to announce that their joint program “Providence Set Sail!” has been awarded an Innovator’s Grant from the Providence After School Alliance (PASA). Under the banner of the Providence Maritime Collaborative, these three organizations will serve Providence middle school aged children, ages 11 - 14. “Providence Set Sail!” will be offered from January to May, and will meet twice a week. The project will be divided into two semesters. This highly integrated program will be an active mix of lecture, breakout sessions, discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on learning. It will engage youth, and ask them to ask questions and explore new concepts. The program will be informative and fun.

The first semester will focus on Rhode Island maritime history and the current maritime industry in Providence and Rhode Island. Sessions will include presentations from scholars, historians and reenactors on Rhode Island maritime history; Rhode Island Revolutionary War history with regards to fighting ships and their captains including the Continental Sloop Providence and John Paul Jones. It will also include presentations on Rhode Island pirate history; the life of the eighteenth century sailor; the slave trade and triangle trade in Rhode Island; and the China trade. Young people will learn skills such as knot tying, mechanical advantage when raising sails, sailing safety and navigation. They will also participate in learning sea shanties, sea lore, and legends.

In addition to exploring Rhode Island maritime history during this first semester, young people will be exposed to the current marine industry in Providence and Rhode Island, including a trip to a marine trade school; touring a maritime trade facility and obtaining information about careers in the maritime industry for both men and women. This information will be presented by individuals currently working in the maritime industry. Upon completion of this portion of “Providence Set Sail”, youth should have a better understanding and appreciation of Rhode Island maritime history, the current maritime trade industry in Rhode Island, and opportunities for education and employment in that industry.

The second semester will put many of the skills that the young people have learned into practice as students learn to sail boats at CBC and the PMHF’s tall ship, the Continental Sloop Providence. In addition, youth will have an opportunity to invite their families and guardians to the last week of the second semester in order for the young people to demonstrate their knowledge of sailing and marine safety. The youth will become the teachers as they show their family members what they have learned and experienced.

The Providence After School Alliance was launched by Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline on July 1, 2004 as a public-private venture to develop a citywide system to substantially increase high-quality, affordable out-of-school time enrichment opportunities for Providence’s children and youth. "This is not about quick fixes, but about a sustained investment in building something that will survive me and will benefit the children of the city for generations.” - Mayor David Cicilline, City of Providence. PASA is working to expand and improve after school opportunities for the youth of Providence by building a system of after school supports - AfterZones. Currently two AfterZones, one located in Olneyville and the other located in the Upper South Side of Providence will be served. Ultimately there will be AfterZones serving the Lower South Side, the North End/East Side and Smith Hill.

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