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Dear Friends of the Continental Sloop Providence:
2005 represented a significant turning point in the history of the Sloop
Providence and the Providence Maritime Heritage Foundation (PMHF). In January 2005, I happily rejoined the PMHF as Executive Director. Our year began strong with a film contract from Walt Disney Studios to participate in the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean” films 2 and 3. Be sure

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Text Box:   From  the Executive Director, Robert Hofmann

Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan. 2006

Text Box: Sloop Providence Travels 6,600 Miles to Shoot Pirates!
	Continental Sloop Providence Films “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” and 3.

The Sloop Providence had been “on the hard” and in dry dock for almost a year when word came that Disney was making a sequel to their very popular film “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and they were interested in the Sloop Providence!  A representative from Disney came out to look at the Providence and took pictures. “It was fun” said Executive Director Robert Hofmann, “but I figured it was such a long shot, I didn’t get my hopes up. I’m not sure if it really hit me until she set sail last year on January 16th.”

Captain Steve Brown and Chief Mate Tanya Banks-Christensen worked wonders in getting the ship ready for her voyage. And what a voyage it was with blizzards and ice storms! At one point, the crew knocked ice from the sails and rigging  using aluminum baseball bats. Click here to read an account of the trip and the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Deadman’s Chest” from watch commander, Richard “Rusty” Rice.

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Text Box: From the Quarterdeck, Captain Steve Brown

The PMHF, in partnership with the Rhode Island Historical Society and Community Boating, is proud to announce that their joint program “Providence Set Sail!” has been awarded an Innovator’s Grant from the Providence After School Alliance (PASA). Click here to read the press release

Text Box: PASA—Providence After School Alliance Grant 
Awarded to PMHF

2005 was an eventful year for the Providence.  It started much earlier than usual with a frigid and exciting departure from Narragansett Bay in the middle of January during a severe cold snap.  This started a long journey to the West Indies via Bayou La Batre, Alabama for a frantic and complete rerigging. The Bayou was leveled by Hurricane Katrina some months later, and we hope for a quick recovery there and along the rest of the Gulf Coast.


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