Experience aboard the Providence exposes young people to real-life challenges and teaches the value of discipline, teamwork, trust and perseverance while giving them an adventure at sea!

The Cadet and Midshipmen Academy programs are designed to foster personal growth and teamwork as youth work together towards common goals. Cadets and Midshipmen receive personal attention in a one on one setting sailing as uniformed crew, traveling wherever the Sloop Providence ventures.

Sail training exposes youth people to real-life challenges and teaches the value of discipline, trust and teamwork. Cadets and Midshipmen participate in hands-on activities and gives them an adventure at sea. The Cadet Academy is for youth ages 12 to 14. The Midshipman Academy is for youth ages 15 to 17. Academy participants sail for a week or longer, and learn traditional sailor's skills, and more modern seamanship, aboard this traditionally rigged 18th-century vessel.

Continental Sloop Providence

The Providence's Cadet Academy and Midshipmen Academy programs are offered inweek-long sessions. Young people may sign up for one to four weeks. They will learn:

Sail Theory: Lessons in the basic priniciples of sailing.

Practical Navigation: Lessons in the general concepts of navigation and specific methods used daily aboard the Sloop Providence.

Rules of the Road: Lessons in the Internation Navigation Rules and Regulations.

  • Become a part of the crew aboard an 18th century, traditionally rigged vessel.
  • Receive a uniform and training manual
  • Learn the arts of traditional sailing and modern seamanship.
  • Learn the value of teamwork, perserverance and courage.
  • Develop marlinspike seamanship skills

Cost is $850.00 per week for Cadets, $900.00 per week for Midshipmen. Cost includes food, berth aboard the Providence, uniform and manual.

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For more information regarding our academy programs or to request a brochure, please email Adria Lande, Education Director at
or call her direct line at 401-274-1776

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